Ino TV deceptive ripoff scam subscription problem

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by interfool, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. interfool


    I signed up for Ino TV for a 3 month trial. Never got much out of it.

    So, I thought, I'll just let this elapse. Little did I know hidden in their user agreement is that fact that this was a subscription! I got the nasty surprise of a $50 charge to my credit card 4 months after my ONE TIME signup had expired. They didn't warn me or contact me in any way and their signup leads you to believe that it's a one time charge, NOT a subscription.

    I contacted INO TV customer service and they said, "tough luck, you should have read the user agreement."

    Called my credit card company and they agreed with me and backcharged the additional charge. You're supposed to contact someone when you charge them ongoing for something. Ino TV never did.

    Beware of this deceptive practice by INO TV!!!
  2. The name says it all.