Innovation of new technology on banking system is a good on human life

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Daniel Keung, May 15, 2007.

  1. ¡§Innovation of new technology on banking system is a good effect on human life?¡¨

    There is no doubt that technology is advantageous to our life, such as internet banking which let us handle our transactions 24 hours at home. Moreover, ATMs and EFTPOS made our life more convenient.

    However, have you ever thought about that: Is it really making you happy?

    In my opinion, technology is going to fast; it is one of the obstacles that block our interaction with the others. For example, in the past, you have to go to the branch in order to process your transactions which allow you to communicate with the other face to face. However, nowadays, many branches have been closed that let you talk with the ATM machines!

    On the other hand, modern banking made your finance getting worse. For example, you can spend on something by credit cards and even borrow money from your bank cards easily. This made you use your future money. Sooner or later, your debt will get heavily. As a result, your happiness would decrease.

    Which side would you choose? New technology or happy life?

    Any opinions, comments are welcome!

    Daniel Keung :)