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    Has anyone used the Innerworth site? It looks like a good deal for $79 bucks. I have been reading the free part for a while. Any comments on it?
  2. For a one-time fee of $79 is is a great deal. I have been a member since July of last year. One of the best features of the site is that they interview traders who they believe are strong, especially in the mental aspect of trading.
  3. I particularly like the interviews. They interview a number of truly great traders there. And also the not so great like myself.

    I believe that there are quite a few regulars on these boards who have been interviewed there including (please add to my list if I miss you):

    Myself (Harris Kupperman)
    Dustin Luger
    Aaron Schindler
    Dave Goodboy

    And a few others that I forget now.
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    Thank you very much for your inputs. I decided to sign up for the site and found a lot of worthwhile information already. Can't wait for the weekend when I can dig in.:)
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    This site is the cat's nuts!

    I have learned so much from these interviews and insights. I would recommend this site to everyone. It is a one time fee of $79. Well worth the money. :)
  6. Myself (hii a_ooiioo_a)
    qdz2 (but not qdz3)
    Discipline (Huh??)
    daniel_m ("you all suck!")
    mrmarket ("I am HUGE!")
    Phantom Trader (interview appeared blank)
  7. Nice info. Thanks.
  8. Just as a sidenote, I had a membership about a year ago and canceled it after about 4 months.

    Back then they were charging $29.95/month.

    Now I will sign back up, the new price is well worth it.
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    Hey I'd join but

    JoAnn Dahlkoetter, Ph.D.

    appears just about the most "unhealthy" individual I can remember seeing in a long time. Surely someone who thinks that picture sells their business is loopier than any client could be...

    or is just me?


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    Quiet1, you're a mean, mean person but very funny! :)
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