Inner cities a snapshot of America's future

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    Quote from IShopAtPublix:
    Obama's presidency will inspire many black youth.

    it's always about blacks. alot of non-black minorities don't need much inspiration to commit less crime, stay in school, and contribute to society.
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  2. JDL


    you can cry about it but nothing is gonna change america has fallen apart, the white man has the power in america and look at what has happen to america., don't think america will rebound this time, 3rd world country here we come.
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  3. I don't think it's fair how only black authors and columnists are allowed to criticize black culture, where as if whites do so they are branded as racist. A lot of whites probably share the same view as Star Parker but are afraid to speak up.
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  4. JDL


    LMAO, white boy always crying about something, your world is fallen apart around you don't blame no one else, your time is up face the truth there is nothing you can do to stop the trend, put the gun to your head and get it over with. take a good look around around you, do you think the trend is changing? take you and your family and run, this is not the country for white folks.
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  5. Give her enough air time and Star Parker will be branded as racist by her own race. There is plenty of evidence already of racism within the black community, via the N word.
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    no where to run, no where to hide, times up white boy, canada mabe :D
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    i guess you need someone to blame for your downfall.
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  8. You're an idiot, so welcome to the Ignore club.
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  9. I believe it's something along the lines of "Just a Dumb Lackey."
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