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  1. I'm looking to buy this on CD or DVD. Email me if you have it.
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  3. I have that Inner Circle Don Miller CD. If anybody want's it, email me.

    Why does Don Miller use the 13 Moving average and the 13 bollinger band? He doesn't explain it in the CD. He just says he uses 13 Moving average. Why the odd number? Why not use 15 or 10 moning average like everybody else? What's the reason?
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    it is fib number, no better or worse than any other number, the key thing is don't jump from MA to MA, keep it consistent.
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    I am not sure but I think he was using 13 min time frame as well.
  6. There must be a reason. :confused:
  7. I think he did explain it somewhat: 13 ma on the 15 minute time frame equals 13*15 = 195 almost equivalent to 200 ma on a 1 minute chart.
    You can play around to find the combination make most sense to you. Is the exact timeframe important? If you are trading geometry and cycle, probably yes. If you are just trading momentum trend, probably no... any logical combination should work. Just from my experience

    Good trading.
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    The 390 minute trading day is evenly divided into 13-minute segments. He comments in his material that many traders use the 13-minute timeframe, but I had not heard this before.
  9. How is 390 minutes in a trading day divided into 13 mintute time frames? Ok, so there are 390 minutes in a trading day. Now what? How does he come up with the 13 minute time frame? What does he divide to get 13? This makes no sense.
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    Let me know if still interested in selling Miller CD,

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