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  1. 'Damn, why couldn't he make that shot? It was so easy' - A typical comment from a fan with little knowledge of what it takes to compete in serious athletics. There are an incredible number of factors at work in sports and one could be injuries.

    Well, I just gained even more respect for athletes as I just experienced a week of a completely annoying injury that made it very hard for me to focus. My trading did suffer, and I am grateful that it was not worse.

    Do you take it easy / take time out when injured? It really does suck - markets are challenging enough as is.
  2. ?.....carpal tunnel syndrome? Play through the pain and "get over it". :cool:
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    To me, injured times are the best times to work and trade since you can't do anything else...
  4. Ha, ha - yeah, I threw a telephone against the wall and it bounced back and hit me in the head. No I'm talking about an injury unrelated to trading. Without details, I could eat very little through the week and so I had a lot of trouble concentrating.
  5. I have met Sammy Chua back in early 2000's. He told his story that he learned how to trade stocks while he had leg injuries and had to recover in the hospital (and was bored) by reading many books and practicing. Subsequently he made over one million dollars in a year and started his trading room and teaching services. I believe his experience as true though I could not verify it (nor have I kept track of what's happening to him now). Yet the story is inspiring I think. Check him out. Google "Sammy Chua". (He has written one trading book.)
  6. Thanks Bolimomo, I imagine that there are many stories out there about traders overcoming such setbacks. It sucks, but it is what it is.