Inidicators used in your strategy?

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    Hey, lil introduction, my name is Derek, I am new to the trading world but have already found the need to create a trading plan. I find myself trading on opinion and emotion, havent really looked at indicators past the S&P 500.

    I was wondering if any of you successful and seasoned traders would drop a lil knowledge on me, and let me know some of the indicators you follow in your strategy, currently i trade tech stocks like microsoft and intel, intraday. Any Help??
  2. If you have to ask this, you must be gambling right now.
  3. Derek, you will find what you seek by searching for threads with the handles Jack Hershey and Grob109 in them. His approach, called Seamless Continuous Trading (SCT), has supplanted indicators here as the trading method of choice. It is the one surefire path to trading riches. Best regards.
  4. it will take years.......dive in.......
  5. You want the glory, without the pain.

    I'll give you my system.

    Intra-day 1 minute timeframe 8, 34, and 200 SMA's or intra-day 1 minute timeframe 14, 50, and 200 SMA's.
    Long above, Short Below

    Support and Resistance areas. Buy at support, sell breadowns and Short at resistance, buy breakouts.

    Question is, could you make it work for you?
  6. Warning.

    Hypostomus' post is filled with sarcasm, not apparent to the ET newbie.
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    alright... so i take it no one is willing to help, thats fine by me... i wasnt asking for a magic miracle... i wasnt looking for an easy answer to make me an outstanding trader... all i was looking for was a little insight and some info to satisfy curiousity... i know everyones indicators and buy / sell signals would be different... meh waste of time joing this board apparently..
  8. No, you did wrong when you made it look like you were looking for a handout.

    We can't control what you say, we can only interpret it.

    The way you typed your question made you look like another newbie who thinks he knows what he is doing and is asking us for a system that will make us money.

    Read your post again, anyone that does this for a living would almost certainly interpret it as that. So don't get ticked off at us. I told you my system I use, so you should be a bit more appreciative that people didn't really get on your case :D

    I don't believe in indicators, I trade with discretion. You should start a post discussing indicators or looking at previous polls seeing what indicators people use, but for someone to tell you their setup would be stupid.

    So, again, think before you post, and make yourself seem like you know what you are doing.

    Now, if you are still pissed, maybe you don't know how to interact with people, that's okay, but don't complain to us about it.
  9. What he really means is...:"Spoon feed me"

    ....:"It really annoys me when no-one pays attention to my needs."

    ......:"I am asking for the magic miracle"

    .......:"I don't even want to be a trader - I just want money for nothing"

    ........:"all that i was looking for is for a big swinging dick trader to tell me what he does in 3 short paragraphs"

    .......:"i know everyones indicators and buy / sell signals would be different"

    ...........:"I should have joined a better board like moneytec"

    Seriously though. There are a million posts in here - if you took a few months out to just read them and let the info seep in - separating the crap from the gems, you would learn 100 times more than whatever someones advice would be - don't you think? Then come back armed with knowledge and ask intelligent questions and ET 'ers are more than willing to help.
  10. I think he is better off at Moneytec.

    He will have access to people who think like him.
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