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  1. Obama may have inherited a bad economy from Bush, but he also inherited a AAA rated credit rating.
  2. Either he is going to fold or step up to the plate.
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    Surely you jest, everyone knows the downgrade is Bush's fault.

    Or is it Bush's Default?

    Ah who can keep up.

    Just remember...BO stinks.
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    Hey, that's good. It will fit on a button, too.
  5. He is not going to step up to the plate. That's for sure. he has no idea how to run anything but his mouth and also watch himself in the mirror.
    All his life he was a carrer parasite so all he's learned is how to fuck taxpayers. Whoever thinks that Obama can fix anything is fooling themself.
  6. Funny how the blame game gets played out. Obama is the chief and ultimately gets credit or takes the fall but reality is this downgrade is a result of congressional gridlock. Congress is responsible for taxing and spending and not the President.
  7. The only thing Obama wanted out of the debt ceiling fiasco was not to have to readdress this issue during his campaign year of 2012. he got his wish.

    OTH he should have invited Beers over for beer. Ahahahaha sucka....:D :D
  8. And he's yet to address the nation on this historic moment in his presidency.
  9. Good point and it would be nice if one of our liberal friends would remind us how much lower our debt is since 2007.

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    I guess you missed the reply I made re debt servicing. And it's not just Krugman's assessment, I can provide links if you like to other sources, just out now, which also respond to the S&P downgrade. Not to mention the rate on 10-year notes. You're focusing on the wrong problem.
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