inherently unethical ?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by marketsurfer, Sep 28, 2003.

  1. SPOT( single payment option trading) currency trading appears to be inherently unethical targeting the obsessed gambler class. am i wrong in this ascessment ?


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    After a quick glance I decided not to do it, it had an aroma about it reminiscent of the three walnut shells and the pea game. I'm sure some are making $$ at it that truly understand it but it just seemed extemely risky to me as the brokers appeared to be doing more than just brokering.
  3. What's wrong with accommodating gamblers? I think you might have a hard time to find a business that is not inherently unethical according to your standards. For example, cigarette companies market to people under 30, the right age to become addicted, then they exploit the fact that their product kills customers slowly enough so that they remain loyal slaves usually for decades. I have mentioned dentists before, but the food industry itself is really making the big bucks by including refined white sugar in almost everything. Ever wonder why what you probably call bread needs sugar as an ingredient? Or why ham, bacon, preserved vegetables, salads, all kinds of dressings or sauces for that matter, potato chips, pretzels, so-called fruit juices, even vegetable juices somehow all contain either sugar or high fructose corn syrup or in most cases both? Certainly most of these products would taste just fine without what was identified in the 1950 as the sole and only cause of tooth decay and recently as the major cause of depression. The reason is that sugar is not only toxic, but addictive. Or take marketers of aspirin who claim taking an aspirin a day reduces your chance of having a heart attack. Sure it is probably a correct statement, but what they are not telling you is that for every one person who is spared a heart attack as a consequence of aspirin therapy, 20 people get a stroke because of that same aspirin therapy. Or let's take the people who say they fix cars for $250 an hour. Funny how your car always seems to run just fine until the first one of them gets his hands on it, and after that suddenly every little valve, switch and belt starts malfunctioning and has to be replaced. Take banks that market credit to people who don't understand that they will essentially be working for the credit card company for the rest of their lives if they do what they are supposed to, which is max out their cards and make minimum payments. Or how about prostitution in all its forms? And I mean mainly the legal kind where a fat boobed chick marries a rich guy because they happen to love each other so much.

    The world is just a dangerous and in some people's view an evil place. Out of all the evils, offering to sell a pre-defined option to someone who actively seeks out a website that will allow him to speculate is just not on the top of my list.