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  1. Today, for the first time since I can remember, a trading informercial is on one of the "normal" tv channels. I am talking about one of those wisetrade things. Usually these commercials are on some obscure channel at way past midnight.

    I noticed this is what happened:

    2002 - infomercials for bear market appear
    2003-2004 infomercials totally disappeared
    2005 started started coming back, but late evenings
    2006 started came back regularly every weekend in the mornings but on some obscure channel
    2007 now on at broad daylight, on a normal channel
  2. there is no corrlation between market conditions and garbage spam commercials. Ever since the invention of trading and TV commercials there has been a convergence.

  3. This fella sounds alot like volente_00. Notice how vol isn't posting hardly anymore. Probably because his typing finger is sore and bleeding from all the stock_turd posts. They both remind me of Deputy Barney Fife.

    Dr.Rennick Holmes bags another one, HOWAAAAAA!!!!:D
  4. Saw a Motley Fool commercial on TV today.
  5. pfft cant be worse than those gorilla trades ones
  6. When those trading-oriented infomercials have a guy who speaks with a British accent, that will confirm the "final top".
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    this weekend on early morning tv, the folks from "teach me to trade" have come up with a new one to get the suckers. It is called "Teach Me Foreclosure"...they had some woman showing a check for $43k + I think...but if you looked real close ...the check was dated 2003.

    I really think we are all in the wrong game...we should package some BS and sell it on tv...probably make more money than any of us could ever imagine. :D :D
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    I had a friend call me and TMTT offer this 200 buck teaser that you can bring a friend for free. Three days course no less. The first thing the instructor taught and assign as homework was to go home and call your credit card company and get your credit card credit line increase because they were going to show how to flip houses using only your credit cards. Want you to get the max cash advance amount your cc company would allow. Was going to make everyone rich using credit cards. Then day two the hardball sell for courses started and my friend was almost sucked in. Why the road to property and landlord riches could be had for 8k! But wait, there's more. If you really wanted to be the ultimate property baron you could use that new found cc credit line and purchase the super duper course for only 63K! and the best part for that money was you got your instructor personal cell phone number. I got more stories from 3 days of listening. They did give you 200 bucks worth of info but they went to great length to brow beat you into thinking you were a loser if you didn't sign up for more classes. The course they push over and over again was a 23k course that covered the basic. Felt like I was in a Scientology church service. The more you gave the closer to God you got! They even did a row by row thing that each row had to go sit in the back until you were called out to the tables in the hallway were you of course got one on one personal service with the wireless credit card machine sitting on the desk.

  9. Forget about moving averages. This one pretty much got the top. l o l

    There is now an obscure TV channel almost totally devoted to foreclosures and refinancing running since approximately February.

    The only better signal was the hedgefund loafer.
  10. I liked the one where they linked the height of women's skirts with the cycle of the the stock market. The shorter the skirt the frothier the market and vice versa I think it went. I'm not sure that I put much credence in it but it sure is more pleasant to ponder than late night infomercials.
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