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  1. axcel


    Can anybody provide the contact information (websites, phone numbers etc) for the following firms:




    (any other firm of your preference)

    Your feedback on these firms and other info (payouts, commissions, management etc.) would also be greately appreciated
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    Best bet is to do a little research on your own, either using ET's Search feature (in the upper-right hand corner of your screen) or via a search engine like Google. EchoTrade is a sponsor here so if you simply click any of their promotions, or PM anyone who has identified himself as a member of the firm, you will get the contact information. The other 2 you mentioned are not sponsors so you will need to do a little Due Diligence.

    You might want to start here by clicking this link. It will list all the many threads on various firms, people's opinions, good stories, bad stories, etc. And then when you have done a little work come back and ask more specific questions that people can help you with.

  3. excellent post
  4. axcel


    Thnk you both. I did the research and was unable to find any numbers. Thus, I thought I could seek a little help here.

  5. If a diligent Elite Trader Search doesn't provide what you're looking for,
    then, there's always the tried and proven, no-brainer Outside Search.
  6. Datradr


    Golden market management... web-site address is
    pay out is 60% roughly...must put money up front however...

    infinium in toronto???? .. is or .ca i of those for sure...
    infinium pay-out is 50%...but they charge 1% a month capital fee..

    maybe I will see u there!!!!
    u can find echo trade on google...just type it in..

    good luck....have u traded at a firm b4???
    if not.. swift trade is a good place to get some experience...then find somewhere else that actually pays!!!!