Information Sought on Procedures For Investor Funding

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by da-net, Feb 14, 2013.

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    Does anyone here have any experience with the procedures involved in investor funding?

    I need the information that can give me a very thorough overview of the process, best way to do everything.

    I have been involved in business away from this industry now for two years and what I want to do next is a 'brick and mortar' business that is part of that niche. I have the funds to start everything and make it profitable within a few months, however my start would be very small scale. This would be the proving of the business model.

    At 2 to 4 years to ramp the business up will require massive funding, some of which is available in government grants, but large scale investors would be needed.

    Simply want to be ready for that day...can anyone offer information to help? or point me to an accurate information source?
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    I posted a follow up while the replacement forum was running, but it looks like it did not stay.

    I found a website that seems to have some decent info about investor funding, I don't know if it is for trading but they do have the info.

    btw...thanks Baron for putting things right. It was funny to see my handle say "New Guy"