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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by jmoris, Dec 7, 2004.

  1. jmoris


    I have get my series 3 licence . I was wondering if anyone has any information they can share regarding this examination.

    I also need books to study the material. If anyone knows where I should get the Exam Books , please share.

    I would buy UPDATED Used Book if anyone has them.

    Is this Exam easy or not?

    I would appreciate everyones reply.
  2. ttp://
  3. Kingvest


    totally easy .. takes like 2 days to learn if you're familiar with options and futures. Had the STC script
  4. Weasel


    Does a company have to sponsor you for this exam like they do with most securities licenses?
  5. Truff


    no sponsor needed. Just need to register for exam to open a window. Then go to to schedule the exam
  6. Weasel


    How do you register for the exam?
  7. jmoris


    Thanks for the replies.

    Would you guys know who is the best publisher for the study materials .

    To register go to NFA website.
  8. That exam is pretty easy. Just make sure when you register you register with the exact same name on your drivers lisence. Instead of putting my entire first name I put only my first initial and it caused a mess at the testing center. Long story short they wouldn't let me take the exam that day and I had to reschedule for later. It was a pain.

    Anyhow, the study materials I used were at the following site:
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  10. jmoris


    My only problem is - Which Book to study from

    I know Pass Perfect is a good publisher , they are a little pricey though.

    Soon all IB's have to be rgistered.

    They starting to regulate FX world.
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