information on pricing and costs

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  1. hummer77


    I needed to know the following answers to these questions

    what are the normal cost of fees?
    such as is there always fees to use there trading platform?
    how much are the costs for fees assocatied with trading?
    for example
    if you trade less than 500k shares per month what is the fee? 5.00 per 1000

    over 1 million per month ? 2.75 per 1000?

    What are the cuts usually if you put up money?
    put up 5000 of your own capital, what is a reasonable cut?
    put up 10000 of your own, reasonable cut?
    20000 of your own, reasonable cut?
    30000 of your own, reasonable cut?

    with these companies, do you get profit sharing or 401k, if so how does it work and how many do you think offer this.

    i appreciate it, whoever answers... thank you very much