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  1. Where can I get the information about the Industry Sector? And the most important is where I can get the Leader of sector and the major followers in this sector? Just for example, in banking sector, C is the leader, and some other major banks are the followers? I need this kind of information. Thank you so much. I really want it.. Please give me some help.
  2. OHLC


  3. Thank you. I saw a lot of websites related with day trading. But I don't know which of them are good or not. Can you recommend some popular nice websites related with day trading to me? I really appreciate it. It is time to start to do research... hehe
  4. SchonfeldTrade,

    I have attached a file that we used for sector trading about a year ago, before we switched to exclusively trading ETFs. The data is about a year old and has not been updated since, but it should be of assitance to you.

    You will notice there are three worksheets within the Excel workbook. The first one is for technology related sectors, then there is one for non-technology sectors, and there is also one for the HOLDRS and ETFs. I am in the process of revising this sheet for ETF trading and I will post it on the "Why Actively Trade ETFs?" thread when it is complete.

    If you have any questions, let me know.
  5. Dear Deron Wagner,

    Thank you very much. I really appreciate it. To tell the truth, I do have a lot of questions. How nice are you! As a new trader, it is very hard for me to pick up the right information from the whole market. That is the difference between old and good traders and bad and newbie traders. I have to suffer from this process. But I believe that I will be a good trader if I am really able to walk up step by step.

    Happy trading
  6. I have been professionally trading for years and I still have lots of questions too! I view consisently profitable trading as an ongoing journey, not a destination. If I ever start to think that I know everything there is to know about trading, that is when the market quickly shows me how little I really do know. So, my best advice to you is never stop learning and become a sponge for knowledge.
  7. Got your spreadsheet, which is very precious to me. Thank you again. I will try my best to study as much as I can. I am really looking forward to be top. This is my goal--Be top 1 in everything I do, although I know that it is very hard to get to it in reality. I will try.

    Happy trading
  8. you're welcome. Best of success to you.