Informal poll: Why do you live where you do?

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  1. This most is mainly targeted at Americans, but foreigners are welcome to chime in. I'm just curious why any of you live where you do. Is it because of jobs, family, or the possibility of obtaining a job?

    A few more questions:

    - Is your area growing or declining?
    - Is your local government providing services adequately?
    - Have the demographics of your area shifted dramatically because of immigration?
    - Are your friends in good financial shape?
  2. Suburbs of Dallas/Fort Worth - Schools (3 kids) & Quality of Life


  3. I live in a suburb north of Sacramento, CA. I'm here because my work pays me to be here, but I dont like living in California.

    -Area does not seem to be growing or shrinking.
    -Local government services are too adequate. When I moved into my house in 2008 everything was brand new...sidewalks were only 6 months old before the city decided that it needed to "fix" the sidewalks because there were some 1 inch scratches in the sidewalk. I guess they figured if they didnt tear up the sidewalk and completely redo it, that in 8 to 10 years, those scratches might become decent size holes and then they might have to....tear up the side walk and completely redo it.
    -My area is about 70% russians. Seems like its only the ones over 40 that cant speak english. There are so many russians that most of the stores, banks, and restaurants have someone that speaks russian. A few times random strangers start talking to me in russian, but the only sentence i know in russian is "the dog and the cat are dancing" which im sure if someone hears me say that will think I'm crazy or a KGB agent.
    -A few unemployed people on my street, but nobody is in forclosure out of the 42 houses here. 2 of them seem to hold garage sales often, so they might be hurting. Other than that, I wouldnt know there is a recession by looking in my neighborhood.
  4. drcha


    Puget Sound Area

    --growing, and beginning to recover from the downturn
    --local govt of city of Seattle is inadequate, but the more well-heeled suburbs, where I live, are doing well
    --demographics are pretty uninteresting here, almost all white and Asian
    --my friends run the gamut from hog dirty rich to up to the neck in debt and about to lose their house; I am in good shape myself

    Thanks for the question, it's time for some fun.
  5. drcha


    And why do I live here: lots of friends here, nice fresh air, no state taxes, good cultural offerings, liberal bent to the politics, like my job, cost of living reasonable, medical insurance obtainable and affordable, nice enough to be outdoors almost every day if you ignore the rain, which most of us do, near enough and also far enough from my family of origin
  6. MattF


    Western Massachusetts (Springfield area)

    Stagnation, but massively grew because of immigrants and minorities (minorities are now the majority in Springfield) as others left. My town seems to be holding its own relatively overall.

    Government-wise, I'd say things are's a big town where I live (city size almost), but has that smaller-town flavor to it.

    All white in my town mostly, pockets of foreigners...Hispanics et Al tend to reside across the river in Springfield.

    VERY blue-collar region...move about 30 miles up north you get all the colleges and the bleeding heart liberalism. Lots of people are struggling/not doing too well. Foreclosures are pretty constant, but not "out of control" yet.

    Why do I live here...grew up and went to college really. Not out of the question to make some money and move though now that I've been learning and realizing how things work (that and there's much more out there)...not too much in the end to offer, although location-wise you can hit Boston, NYC, Hartford & Albany within a reasonable to short drive (keeps cost of living down compared to those cities).
  7. DDK89429


    Silver Springs Nevada. Just outside the Reno, Carson City area to the west on Hwy 50. Moved here from Lake Tahoe Calif due to lower living costs such as rent & groceries. Not growing or shrinking, pretty much semi rural desert with a mix of trailers, ranches and some suburban style developments. Lots of dirt bikers, constant noise all day from the little shits riding around now that school's out. The Post Office transferred me out this way from the Midwest, overall wouldn't recommend the area, bad climate with constant wind, dust and dirt blowing around. People out here don't take care of their property, junk cars and trash all over. Tahoe was a lot better, kind of miss it now. :(