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  1. I find it ironic that there is no money for the war that the majority of Democrats supported, but all kinds of money for 0bama's proposed health care, 0bama's proposed 3 million man army-"We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set," 0bama said Wednesday. "We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded."
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    Schneider: College educated, non-religious voters carry Obama
    Posted: 11:14 PM ET

    From CNN Senior Political Analyst Bill Schneider

    (CNN) – CNN just predicted Obama will win the Oregon primary. How did the Illinois senator win there so easily?

    Obama won overwhelming support from Oregon voters who attended college. Nearly 60 percent of that demographic went for Obama there and those voters made up nearly 80 percent of the demographic.

    "Barack Obama continued to do well among voters who are younger, better-educated and wealthier; he solidified his support among African-Americans; and he ran strongly among men, including white men," said William A. Galston, a senior fellow for governance studies at the Brookings Institution.

    A Run at the Latest Data from ABC's Poobah of Polling, Gary Langer

    EDUCATION - It’s hard see a single factor more compelling than socioeconomic status, particularly as defined by education. It’s split the Democratic electorate nearly all year, and as with her past victories, it’s what Hillary Clinton will be counting on tomorrow.

    Across primaries to date Obama’s won college graduates by 52-43 percent, while Clinton’s won less-educated voters by a very similar 52-42. The picture sharpens among whites only (there’s no difference by education among blacks): White college graduates have split 47-47 percent, while those with no college degree have gone 2-1 for Clinton, 60-31 percent.

    Polls: Less-educated whites hurt Obama

    According to an Associated Press-Yahoo News poll in April, the certain Republican presidential nominee John McCain would get more votes than Hillary Rodham Clinton from white voters who have not finished college, 43 percent to 30 percent. Barack Obama would do even worse than Clinton, trailing McCain with this group 44 percent to 22 percent. McCain has a 23-percentage point lead against Clinton among whites who have graduated college, but just an eight-point margin over Obama with that group.


    Obama was viewed unfavorably in April by 53 percent of whites without college degrees, up from 41 percent in November's AP-Yahoo poll. Clinton's negative ratings with that group have not really changed, but have not gotten better, either. Fifty-seven percent of these voters had unfavorable views of Clinton in November, and 55 percent did in April. McCain's negative views from them sat at 32 percent both months.


    Exit polls of voters in last month's Pennsylvania Democratic primary show the impact of racial attitudes. Forty-seven percent of whites without college degrees who said race was an important factor in choosing a candidate said they would vote for Obama in an Obama-McCain matchup, with 29 percent saying they would back McCain and 20 percent saying they would not vote. Obama gets the votes of 62 percent of whites who have not finished college who said race was not a factor.

    Among white college graduates, 69 percent who said race is a factor said they would vote for Obama. Eighty-one percent who said race is not important would back him.


    According to the AP-Yahoo poll, 22 percent of whites who have not finished college are under age 30, compared to 29 percent that young with college degrees. Also, 19 percent of the less-educated whites are age 65 or more, compared to 10 percent of those with degrees who are that old. Both mean advantages for Clinton, who attracts older voters.

    ... AND INCOME

    Sixty-one percent of whites without college degrees are from households earning less than $50,000 a year, compared to 47 percent who have finished college. And only 6 percent of whites with less than a college education earn more than $100,000 annually, compared to 17 percent with degrees. Obama tends to attract the most affluent voters, Clinton the poorest.


    Other surveys also illustrate Obama's problem with less-educated white voters. A poll released last week by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center showed that Clinton's lead over Obama among whites who have not completed college, which was 10 percentage points in March, has grown to 40 points. And another by Quinnipiac University showed that while Clinton tied Republican candidate John McCain among these voters in Florida and had slight leads in Ohio and Pennsylvania, McCain had sizable leads over Obama with them in Florida and Ohio and a smaller one in Pennsylvania.
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  3. Mccain is proud of those people

    Ha Ha Ha Ha !!!! :D

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  4. Why? They make themselves so easy to hate. Further, they fuck up just as much as anyone else with the only exception being their screw ups are usually more catastrophic. Lets not forget our current state of disastrous affairs are the work of those with "higher education".
    Elitists, both Dem and Repub are deserving of the contempt they receive.
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  5. Look, we tried having a moron as president, let's try an elite for a change.
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  6. Moron vs. Elitist...I don't see the difference. The working class gets fucked either way.
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  7. Cynicism is different than skepticism.

    Hiring a guy who can do math to be president just makes sense.
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  8. Cynicism is the result of the skeptical person getting ass raped one election cycle after another. Live long enough, you'll see what I mean.
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  9. You just sound like an angry grandpappy.

    Give some facts or statistics or it's just a "get off my lawn" rant.
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  10. Wow. How about you demonstrate, with math, how Obama's math will further this country?
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