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  1. Just wondering why don't more people try and put out an infomercial about some method of trading.

    Seems to me if nationally advertised, a person could make a nice chunk of change doing this.

    You don't even have to be an expert in the field. Read all the books you possibly can on trading. Write your own 100 page "system" on how to make $1 million a year trading your method. Step back and press collect dough button.

    What keeps more people from doing this? Lack of funds? Morality of the issue? Is an infomercial not as lucrative as one would think?

    Just thinking out loud....hehe

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    It's that easy, why didn't I think of that?
    I am gonna start filming today.
    What rock do these people crawl out from under?
    Can someone please tell me?
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    I get a kick out of all these get rich in the stock market videos.....

    How about "The Total Idiot's Method of Trading". Give them a bogus the open buy ES in one account and sell it in another. Set a close stop. One will get stopped out in 2 minutes and the other will make money in 10 minutes. Make a million in no time.

    Or maybe it is a good idea and I gave it away for free:eek: :eek:
  4. People don't do it because Waxie beat everyone to the market already. Then saw that he was showing stocks at $90 like JNPR and people sitting at home in the bed trading from their laptop. Must of figured that the potential audience how already been ruined by this joker. I wonder how much Joe Theisman got paid to play the over excited host of this informercial.
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    People don't do it for a couple reasons I suppose. First a lot of people have the perception that an infomertial is kind of sleazy. Second, it costs about $50,000 a month in advertising to get any kind of return out of it (when I was with Teach Me To Trade they spent about $250,000 a month, I would guess Waxie is spending more then that, but I could be wrong). Basically you lose a little bit on the informertial and hope to make it up on the back end. For me, I just don't feel like spending the money. Our entire marketing budget is on ET and google add words and we are doing pretty well (over 100 members), so I dont see any reason to take on the risk (only about 5% of infomertials ever "catch on") when what we are doing is working ok.

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    To reply directly to one of your questions, its not as lucrative as one would think. There is a large up front as well as continued investment, and 85% of informertials never catch on. Even if you have one that catches on, you have to have your shit together everyplace else, which is not always the case. Over 95% of informertial companies fail, the odds are better just trading :)

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    Last post :D

    As I said before i have experiance working with an informertial company (Teach Me To Trade, which was the very first trading infomertial). Toni and I decided to market our chatroom with them for a while because they were bringing in a ton of leads (about 10,000 new names a month). With TMTT the company was just run badly across the board and it basically failed...but one reason I would not want to do one now with TFMS is that the people we did get from the infortial were basically a total pain in the ass. They had absolutly unrealistic expections and it was very hard to work with them. I would much much much much rather deal with people who have some experiance in the market (such as ET members). By and large ET members are a much harder sell, but its also tend to be much easier and more rewarding to work with.

  8. I'm too busy working on my infomercial for the pancake maker that stamps the U.S.A. flag on each pancake.
  9. ET is sort of like cable. A few crappy threads (shows) then a infomercial by Bright.:D
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    Liability reasons ...many of the ebooks and infomercials have been getting sued lately and the courts recommending the profits get disgorged.

    Many found out the hard way, advertising for selling investment advice is, well , really restricted.

    Many failed to do the proper compliance research.
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