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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by dilman57, Jun 22, 2003.

  1. dilman57


    Can some one provide info about a firm in San Diego named Equitis? I believe they offer private equity and hedge fund investments for wealthy individuals. I don't work for them or with them nor do I want to promote them. I am curious about reputation, performance etc. Any help is appreciated
  2. dream64


    i have never heard of them. personally, i am in the process of interviewing with worldco, etg, and assent. any advice out there as to which firms are best to work with? thanks for your help.
  3. I think they may be the old branch of ext/summit...good luck with your interview...I'd stay away from Assent and Worldco...look at all the back biting and spitting they have done on this board the last few days...very unprofessional and reminiscent of a boiler room..They both must be very desperate for capital if this is what they are relegated to. .ETG is much more respectable.
  4. dream64


    thanks for the input. i also just got a call from redwood trading. anyone out there with an opinion on them? thanks.
  5. I have been reading the dialogue on this site for a few months and will tread cautiously answering your question with regards to the Redwood inquiry...Our/my motto is simple ( I trade/work with Redwood) : it is safe to say that pricing and software are "for the most part" are very similar throughout the trading industry...if you are with a group and or firm that is creating an advantage that should be your spot....!!
    Does Redwood create a competitive advantage?? I think so...
    How do we do that?? Through our traders...We have a hellava' bunch of good guys in our locations...
    Without name-droping it is safe to say the top tier traders traders are with our firm...

    Trade is a tough game!!
  6. I know a group of traders from the Laguna area who went there last year and they all had nothing but great things to say about them...service, tech, fees.