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  1. I am looking into doing some part time trading from home.
    I am looking at paying close to $6/RT for the ER2 with no trading platform fee for TT.

    Is this an OK deal, or are there better offers out there.
    If so , where should I look.

  2. $6/RT is fine for any broker, as long as you are not too active intraday... if you are are doing a high trading frequency, you must look for better deals, particularly when you up your size, since low commissions are a major edge with scalping (personally, I have grown out of the scalping game, since my days as a Nasdaq scalper -- but its a good, low risk game for young and energetic traders)... if you are only doing a handful of trades a day with a 1 lot, the $6/RT is pretty standard...

    Start with 1 contract and stay with 1 contract until you have netted at least 3 positive months (anything above $0, three months in a row, after subtracting commissions, feed costs, and other trading costs)... if you find you are doing upwards of 10 trades a day, once you have hit consistency, then the commissions are probably on the high side...

    Personally, I am a low frequency intraday index futures trader, so commissions do not factor into my bottomline in any significant way...
  3. Thanks
  4. candletrader

    do you have any suggestions on reading materials/books on candle sticks?
  5. Although my handle is candletrader, I simply represent price using candles and don't actually trade from their formations (although I will always consider whether a formation adds or subtracts from the probability of my trade)... having said that, I do have few books devoted to candlesticks in my pretty large (200+ books) trading library...

    Nison is always a good starting point:

    You will find plenty of relevant threads and many candlestick traders in the technical analysis forum:
  6. candletrader

    do you have any suggestions on reading materials/books on candle sticks?
  7. milstar


    4.5 $ with no volume limitation by
  8. I believe he's looking for TT's X_Trader. Velocity is a good shop.
  9. milstar


    Different companies offer 3-3.5$ per rt ,Xtrader ,500$ margin for e-mini ,2500-5000$ account but for active trader .
    eminilocal,globalfuture ,velocity &

    without "o" volume and 4.5 $ per RT only MBtrading

  10. What are the office hours?
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