Info on commodity etf-s

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by toorik, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. toorik


    Are commodity etf-s a serious alternative to commodity futures?

    I used to trade commodity futures, but had to stop a couple of years ago. Now I have the possibility to try again but with much smaller portfolio. So i cannot handle the same amount of risk.

    Only thing i could think of is betting on the commodity price movements using commodity etf-s.

    any info on the following would be appreciated:
    1. do etf-s require 25k+ account for frequent trades?
    2. how is the liquidity on uncommon commodities like softs, meats and grains?
    3. is there a site where i can see volume for above mentioned etf-s?
    4. spread and costs? (using interactivebrokers)
    5. divergence from underlying commodity price movement? (average period of holding the position would be 3-10 days)

    as i said, any info or links to info would be much appreciated!