Influential Traders/Posters

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  1. Who has influenced you the most? Is it someone you have read about? Someone you have talked to? A poster on this board both old or new?

    I will start with Acrary and a family friend trader called John McCarthy.
  2. In Alphabetical Order:

    Acrary, Anekdoten, Cutten, Dustin, Gnome, Lescor, Maestro, and nokomisjeff.

  3. jjf


    Can we add Mandi to your list, he has had an enormous influence on many ETers
  4. What about Increasenow?
  5. Szeven, red_ink_inc, nodoji, ProfitTakgFool, and Robert Weinstein
  6. nukethewhales31...use his method on swings.
  7. not sure they'd want me giving their names, but I have learned a great deal from a few buddies of mine on the floor of the CBOT and CME, in the ag pits.

    As far as ET goes, Rtrader2505 and youngtrader are close friends of mine, and nokomisjeff and bone are good posters as well.
  8. slacker


    Anek (price action), AMT4SWA (attitude), Lescor (balance), Brooks (price action)

    Amazing how few are on the list. The negative list would be several times longer.
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