Inflation will hit worldwide

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  1. There is a high probability, imo, that since most other currencies are related to the USD in one way or another, and since oil prices have gone up so high, once manufacturing inventories are reloaded with new raw material specially those material which are extracted from oil, and once the products produced are shipped and put on market shelves, we will be seeing very high prices around the world.

    These seem like wealth extraction methods, specially that hardly anyone's income will increase at the rate of inflation, I don't know how far this can go, since most of the world wealth has already been extracted into the hands of a few, it's like 90% of the world only owns 10% of the wealth. What's next, death in billions from worldwide hunger?!
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    My income's been increasing extremely rapidly because of what's been going on. Its all about positioning.

    If you didn't see the writing on the wall in 2000 when oil was $15/barrel, and every moron and their cousin was racing to buy a SUV and monster house (monster house = high energy costs)..

  3. no, it means the beginning of the new world order and a new era of modern serfdom.

    Keep on voting republican, they only bring good things to life. Like the "patriot" laws to keep the future serfs in place.

    Neo-conservatism. Financed by the same people who financed communism. Propagated by the same people who propagated communist ideals. Same desired outcome as communism. Serfs ruled by a small cabal of over-lords.
  4. good morning to you too!...and good luck with all that!
  5. You're a trader, and probably a good one if you did see that in 2000.

    But what about the majority of the world population, do they day-trade? or even trade?
  6. Inflation will hit? Open your eyes man, it is here.
  7. ya, but I think this is only a start, because most product inventories haven't been updated to current oil price levels

    if the price of oil becomes stable at over 100$ or goes even higher, even home building costs will most likely increase by 20-30%
  8. I doubt it. But if that happened on even 1/10th the scale you mentioned, it sure would crush the commodities.
  9. This was going to be my comment. China is already having inflation. A lot of the middle east countries are having the same thing because of the petrodollar issue. Many of the emerging market countries: same thing.

    And besides the dollar issue, often their own central banks are pumping too much money into their systems.

    Inflation is inevitable. The Central Banks believe in "Controlled Inflation" from all that I see and it is generally world-wide.

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