Inflation under control my assss

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  1. Wheat locked limit up again, March Minneapolis spring wheat synthetically trading for $21/bushel!
    March corn is $5.20/bushel, March Soybeans $13.70/bushel, Oil is back to $91.50/barrel.

    And the Fed keeps printing dollars like Zimbabwe.

    The CPI is a total scam. Inflation is not 2.1%! Those knuckleheads who buy TIPs which base inflation on the CPI are getting totally ripped off.
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  3. Hedonic pricing is a scam, excluding food and energy from the CPI is a scam.

    You have got to be kidding me with the Fed lowering interest rates with this kind of inflation. It is asking for big time trouble down the road. There will be riots with the poor unable to afford food and gas. There is gonna have to be endless tax rebates and food stamps to solve the problem. It is all going to end badly.
  4. Like someone posted here a while back, CPI calculation assumes we all walk to work and only drink water..
  5. Drink water from the faucet! Have you see the price of bottled water? :)

    Buy guns and ammo. You're gonna need it.

    CRB just exploded to new highs.
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    Sounds like things are going to look like Mad Max. Well,
    at least we will have a boatload of $$ bills printed by
    B-52 Ben.
  7. The government and the Fed are always looking for shortcuts to avoid pain. That just makes it worse down the road. These rate cuts are ridiculous. Inflation is rampant and the talking heads are saying its under control.

    Hyperinflation is well on its way. Deflation is a red herring to allow for endless rate cuts.
  8. how do you know it's not on purpose? maybe they want inflation, and maybe for a good reason
  9. YES, IT IS ON PURPOSE... but NOT for good reason... at least not good for America and its citizens.
  10. Chicago just added a 5 cent tax to bottled water products
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