Inflation... "Transitory" says BS Bernanke?

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  1. Perhaps not... when a golf course owner decides to plow it under to plant corn and soy beans... From "PGATOUR.COM"


    18. Today's final word? It comes from Iowa where it came down to golf or cash. Seems like the new owner of a nine-hole course in Algona, Iowa has chosen cash. As in cash crops. The Chicago Tribune reports the owner plans to plow the land and plant. The reason? Well, the price of corn doubled and there's been a 55 percent increase in soybean prices.
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    When I see people irrigating their 10,000 sqft plots of immaculate lawn I'm thinking to myself that food inflation can't be too bad yet.
  3. So.... according to your logic, "inflation = no worries" until rich people plow their front yard and plant wheat?

    Where did you go to school??
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    Very Interesting....

    I guess some people know that Bubble ben bernanke is lying!
  5. He might be on too something when you consider that golf courses across the country are in such deep shit that you can literally pick up many of them for a song (it's the operating expenses that will literally kill an owner).

    Probably figures all the heavy lifting of clearing the land has already been done and now it's far more lucrative to simply plant crops, instead of dealing with the headaches of having a massive maintenance staff and a large water bill (if golfers even show up to the course).

    A very overbuilt, cost intensive business that will continue its decline until a natural equilibrium of golfers to golf courses balance out (who knows when).
  6. I hope you people realise that the real problem is oil. For every gram of food ten grams of oil is needed. No matter how many golf courses are turned into farms the price will continue to rise because of this.

    The oil is used to make fertiliser.