Inflation to return - one opinion

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  1. sprstpd


    Anyone who says inflation is going to return is missing the obvious fact that it is already here.
  2. Exactly...and my contention is that all metals are "fully" if not "over" priced.
    Any whiff of deflation or lower demand should clobber all of them IMHO.
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    i agree with your outlook.

    however, you sound like a refugee from yahoo finance chat with a screaming IMHO, which shows that you are not humble.
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    You could be right, although it is hard for me to short something that can't be printed, is in a long term bull trend, and has not had a euphoric blowoff top.
  5. Wait, so being humble is a prerequisite towards being a good trader ? i.e. all good traders are humble ?
    Sorry, I beg to differ....the top was in late July 2007.
    Now a wide head-and-shoulders pattern is forming.
    Last 12 months action has been dreadfully zig-zag in inflationary vs. deflationary themes keep battling each other.
    My call: a rise once more to the 3.60-3.65 level on any good "cliff" news. Then down she goes as deflation in Europe, weak construction demand and a slowdown in China cuts overall demand sharply. I think we are talking $2.50 by end of 2013.
  7. Cliff resolution talks have all metals jumping today.
    Copper up 6 cents alone.
    It appears a resolution is a vote for more inflation ?
  8. The prices of the gold,silver and metal is increasing day-by-day which leads to the inflation and Once the prices are being increased, then there are very less changes that these prices will be reduced ever.
  9. Terry, that's going a bit too far IMHO.
    What happens when interest rates start to go up ?
    Money is going to flow out of riskier assets (commodities, equities).
    Yeah, I know, I know...the Fed is keeping rates low. But they'll have to change their policy when conditions change.
    Guessing the timing of this of course is very difficult at best.
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