inflation targeting to blame for high debt

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  1. do you think that inflation targeting is to blame for the debt we have. namely setting interest to meet the inflation target has led to low interest rates increasing debt.
  2. A senseless question... It is, in fact, partly to blame, just like many other aspects of the system.

    With the benefit of hindsight we know that the Central Banker's methodologies are flawed in a number of important ways.
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    the debt is a result of spending on war and gov't expenditures.

    the gov't has spent over 1 trillion.

    money doesn't grow on trees.

    fiat money financial system is flawed system which can be abused.

    central created all this money by issuing of debt and than debt can be repaid. well the money that was lent wasn't even real money, it's was money printed from the air.

    basically banks and people owe money that wasn't there in first place.

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    the gov't is going to spend 1 trillion to fix the economy etc. but who will pay the interest on the 1 trillion deficit?

    eventually paid by taxes from working slaves

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    a lot debt should just be written off.

    banks owing money to each other.

    individuals file for chapter 11 or chapter 7...the debt is unsustainable in the long term

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    normal inflation 3% per year is preferred over deflation in the long run. the economy needs free flow of capital.

    in fiat money supply system, inflation is needed to continue growing or sustaining the economy.

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    the gov't wants inflation in the long term so interest rates will be kept very low until the economy is growing again.

    interest fed could be between 1%- 2% for a long long time if ther is deflation or weak economy

    the gov' can literally print money if they are force to.

  8. Misguided... and mostly WRONG... but it IS what the Gummint wants the sheeple to believe... :mad: