inflation numbers benign-futures up

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  1. could see new highs but who the hell knows.
  2. Benign? "US consumer prices rose at the fastest pace in almost 2 years while the core inflation, which does not include volatile food and energy prices, rose at the slowest pace in 5 months."

    Is that benign?

    I guess it's benign if you don't drive, heat your home or eat.
  3. Consumer prices shot up at the fastest pace in 20 months in May, fueled by a surge in gas prices, although inflation pressures were moderate in most other areas.

    Inflation pressure is really there.
  4. Don't try to fight the running of the bulls...
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  6. Ivanovich, you don't understand

    nobody eats or drives in this country

    what important is that chinese dollar stores will provide you the same crap for the same prices

    Dow will grow 250 points today
  7. Inflation figures are a complete joke without considering food and energy prices. Do your own calculations like I did and you'll see that inflation is 4.5- 5% YTD...

  8. Core inflation below conscious wink wink! just dont eat drink or drive, and you will be fine you dollars will last much longer if you follow this rules.
  9. I give up, bulls win again. Another Friday up and least right off the bat today. New all time highs for the DOW today...jesus
  10. Dad, how high will it go? If I see that commercial again, I'm gonna break something.:)
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