Inflation Inflation Inflation

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    INFLATION INFLATION INFLATION that is all we are going to talk about in future.
    I don't want to hear the word deflation ever again.

    When prices are rising we will call it INFLATION.

    When prices are falling we will call it RECEDING INFLATION.

    Notice how the positive notes are making you feel better already.

    Right now some Kali homes have a receding inflation rate of 40%.

    You just have to feel better about this

    Gosh, I feel better already.
  3. See it works.

    On a more serious note, I imagine that the word DEFLATION could disappear from the news to be replaced by the ROC of INFLATION

    If/when this happens, you will know that certain people have lost control of the numbers and are now playing with the words

  4. Actually you could use even softer, gentler word descriptions....making it seem like a permanently nonsurprising government statistic....

    ie "Living Prices"....

    Then delation, decline, etc...would actually be a good thing for the thrifty....

    The "herd" flocks to "clothing sales"....
    The "herd" stampedes away from decling stock prices....

    Ie In January the government is pleased to report that "Living Prices" have declined by 5%....and hopefully will decline by another 50% by the end of the year....

    Then the new government policy would become "pro deflation"....

  5. Now you are entering into the spirit of things ..... the pitch is all lost inside the words.