Inflation has heated up Big-Time

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    I am so sick and tired of the government quoting Core CPI rates being so low, and excluding anything and everything that is contributing to this rise. I live in NY, USA, and estimate that I've seen inflation increase overall by 7-8 %, year-over-year. Here are some examples of what I've experienced first-hand, with diligent record keeping:

    - Gasoline Increase of 16%
    - Home Heating Oil Increase of 15%
    - Food price increase of 12%
    - Health Care Insurance increase of 17%
    - College Tuition Increase (Public University) of 5%
    - Electric Increase of 12%
    - Local School Tax Increase of 2.8%
    - Cable TV - increase of 6%
    - My youngest daughter's dance tuition (discretionary) - 6%

    Yes, a lot of this is directly related to the price of oil, but to exclude that from computation, and state that we are still living in low inflationary times is just plain 'ol distortion of the truth.

    Is it me, or is it the government, media, and Wall Street just pulling the wool over eyes to deliberately keep interest rates low in this precarious economy of ours?
  2. I think you just answered your own question don't you.

    All politicians are liars. If they told you the truth the wouldn't be elected. People are as much to blame because the don't want to hear the truth, that's why decent politicians like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson have no chance. The truth hurts.

    With the exception of Canada and Australia I strongly believe all G20's are insolvent. Now what do you supposed would be happen if Obama came out tonight and validated that with Bubble Ben standing side by side.
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    Inflation doesn't exist. Inflation is a made-up word, according to the FED.

    We're paying $1.33 per liter, for regular unleaded ($5.02, per gallon), up here in Toronto.

    Canada is not solvent. Trust me. Ontario's debt to GDP is 40%. FORTY PERCENT. 26% of Canadian GDP is comprised of exports to the US. Our housing bubble never popped. Craptastic 1500 sq ft fixer uppers are going for half a million. Consumer debt to income levels are at *record* highs. So America goes, so we go. America has four years to get its shit together before they do Greece. If not, they debauch, and Canada gets smoked.
  5. bout tired of you people who don't know the difference between inflation and rising prices
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    enlighten us..i'm all ears
  7. If gasoline goes to $5 per gallon and bread goes to $5 a loaf what do you want Ben Bernanke to do about it?
  8. More sarcasm, oldtimer?
  9. Maybe he should extend ZIRP till 2030. I guess "you got yours" so who gives a flying fuck about future generations.

    Sound about right?
  10. ah you kids today, you don't know what it is like to live with inflation. Nobody wins no matter how smart you are.
    Inflation is no where to be seen on the horizon. There's plenty of other things to bitch about.
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