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  1. Try this plug in 1800 then 1913, use $100 dollars this period is before the federal reserve took over the money supply.

    Now go from 1913 to 2006 hahahaha yes we can that the fed for income tax, inflation,debt, what a fucked up system.
  2. 1800-1913 before the fed.
  3. 1913-2006 oh my!!!!
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    That's freaky
  5. clacy


    I guess a good question to ask is whether you would rather be born in 1800, 1913 or 2007?

    I chose 2007.

    Something is working.
  6. How about 1940
  7. Try 1850,1860,1870,1880,1890, 1900,1910.....till 1913

    Then after the fed took over after about 1918 is when inflation started to eat away.
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    1940 is good to :)

    My point is that regardless of the inflation rates or consequences of inflation, there is no denying that our standard of living has increased quite nicely along with that inflation.
  9. But at what price?
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