inflation bubble is coming

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    Thanks for the link... I couldn't have said it better, Bloom is 1000% right. The market is shrugging this off for now, but the day of reckoning will come... it WILL come.
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    Though the problem does lie with politics and politicians as stated, the root problem goes beyond that. It is a First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution together with the Court's interpretation of that Amendment and the reality of 21st Century politics that lies at the very root of the difficulties the U.S. is now experiencing.
  4. is this a youtube link ?
  5. Money is just a proxy for energy. For us, that means oil.

    There will be no "inflation bubble" until we find a plentiful source of $15/bbl oil.
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    I think I've waited years for a political speech to make sense like that one... So now the Euro community is going down the subprime path themselves... hee hee.. politicians are fun to watch, complete morons but fun to watch
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    it is not about having fun but about making money.

  8. There is nothing funny watching the financial psychopaths and their bed-partners in politics drive the world into ruin.