Inflation bet

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    Could someone explain this trade to me in layman’s terms? Short bonds, sell OTM puts?

    “Pershing Square made its bet with options, taking a notional short position principally in shorter-dated maturities of U.S. Treasuries, as well as some longer ten-year dated debt, Ackman said.

    “We were able to set up a bet like that on an out-of-the-money basis very, very cheaply — very much like credit default swaps; but in this case, not swaps but options,” he explained.“
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  2. Short bonds because if you have inflation at some point the CB is going to have to raise rates => bonds go down.

    Sell OTM puts because markets don't go down.
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    I don’t think he sold puts on stocks. That would not be a good trade, imho.
  4. Maybe he sold puts where he wants to cover his bond short? I dunno.
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    I think your definition of "OTM puts" differs from the textbook definition. Please check.
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    I would say betting on all involved markets going down, ie. classic shorting in general.
  7. OTM put = selling puts below market price. Maybe it's some sort of a put debit spread.
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    I assume he sold puts on bonds so that if they go down, he just takes assignment at those levels. I think it’s same kind of trade Buffet did with stock indices when they crashed, except he didn’t short.
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    Oops, it seems I mixed it up :), sorry for the caused confusion.
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    The fair put strategy trumps all others. Don't get distracted.
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