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  1. hi,
    do you know anything about this firm? Or how the company is or what they do--are they market makers or doing stat. arb or some other strategy?
  2. Where is TM Direct? He has the answer.

    Don :)
  3. Yes I know this firm

    They are a spin off of the now defunct Shill Trading Group

    after the fed shut them down they went over and formed infinium which caters to homosexual traders. It allows the gay to freely trade in a stress free environment without having to worry about being heckled and abused by other traders due to their sexual preference....How did you come to hear about them???
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    ignore the non helpful boneheads.

    did you try reading their website?

    I've known at least 1 guy who traded there before, but we didn't keep in touch so I can't help you anymore than that.

    - mnx
  5. a canadian website to read is much more useful LMAO!!!!! Trading web sites are always the pillar of truth..:p :p
  6. hi,
    the website for the company I'm looking at is not sure if your link is the same company. Just wanted to know a little bit about the company. Not sure what motivated the negative response from TM direct.
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    my bad, looks like a different company with a similar name...

    - mnx

  8. ...and you said me and Don were giving useless information:confused: just messing around with in argumentative mood today:D
  9. OK, here is a copy of so many earlier posts, to try to help you and the others today who seem to legitimately asking about Firms. Not all applies to all firms, but most of this applies to most business ventures.

    As with any business venture:

    1. Check regulatory affiliations (exchange member or NASD).
    2. Check for any regulatory infractions (some have long lists, some don't).
    3. Check financial security by getting a copy of the firm's balance sheets.
    4. Be extremely cautious of "sub-llc's" - put your money with the main firm, not an offshoot.
    5. Licensing procedures (will they sponsor you for your license?).
    6. Be sure they have a good Clearing firm (after all, they act as your "bank").

    And the obvious things like time in the industry, number of existing traders, etc.

    Your accountant or lawyer should be able to add to this list.

    Good luck in your search!


    P.S. Will somebody start buying GE now, LOL. (boredom trading).

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    Infinium is a group started by Charles Witman and George Hanley. Both from Hanley Group. I've know him since I was clerking in the bean options. The group is really disciplined and applies strategies found in most successful trading groups such as DRW, CTC and Peak 6.

    The Hanley Group were mostly floor traders, migrating now upstairs electronically. But there is also some turnovers, unlike Peak6. Infinium trades anything from ag options to Euro dollars to oil on the NYMEX. Both on the floor and electronically.
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