Infinium Capital Management thoughts?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by r-in, Jul 22, 2008.

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    Anybody working there or have any thoughts on working at the firm? Or what they do for interviews? Saw an overnight junior trader position, and may have interest in doing something different, and getting in a door.
  2. I used to work there as a prop trader. It was pretty good. It's only really for trading stocks though. Most guys there arb NYSE and TSX interlisted stocks.
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    Hey Rod,

    Did you work from the Front Street office? Apparently their HQ is @ Young Street (source: LinkedIn). Report On Business / The Globe And Mail did positive piece on one of the co-founders, so I will take your word for it being a good place to work.

    I have a couple of questions for you if you don't mind.

    1] Do they only hire experienced traders (as per their website)? I have a year of intra-day trading experience using ThinkOrSwim... Would I qualify?

    2] Which platform do the use, or is it their own build?

    3] What is the payout/profit sharing?

    4] Does the trader have to put up a risk deposit?

    5] What is the commission structure?

    6] How much capital does a new trader start with?

    7] Do they have any young people (university grads) or is it just old rich peepz?


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    Hey, btw... Why did you leave? Or is that too personal? Probablly nothing to do with the people or practice because you said it's a pretty good place. Hmm...

  5. 1. It's been a couple years so I'm not sure about hiring practices right now. There were some people there who had no prior experience but I think that experience is definitely preferred.

    2. Proprietary software.

    3. Was 50%.

    4. I didn't. But you had to leave a few thousand as a deposit in your account once you earned it.

    5. No commission except for ecn and exchange fees, etc. There was an annoying clearing charge of $7 per stock per side per execution system.

    6. Whatever they think you'll be able to handle.

    7. 20's to 40's

    Left there because of me, not because of them.
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    Do they train? Esp in arb strategies
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    Hey, thanks for the reply. This is probably the most info available out there on Infinium (Toronto). We appreciate it.

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    Hey Rod,

    Forgot to ask you something. Does Infinium have two offices in Toronto? I found these locations:

    Yonge & King:
    Yonge Street, Suite 1501
    Toronto, ON, M5E 1J8


    Front & Jarvis:
    106 Front St. E
    Toronto, ON, M5A 1E1

    Do they let you choose which office?

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    When you get a chance, it would be great to know the answer to this question...

    A google search came up empty :(
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    the old office was at yonge and king... the new office is at 106 front e, the trading floor is at 100 front...
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