Infinity/Transact futures maintinance this weekend?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by RangeTrader, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. Been driving me crazy... They still have their systems offline since yesterday... I want to do some weekend charting god damn it...

    Anyone know how to get ATCharts(Sierra Rebranded) to load without requiring a connection to the Infinity servers?

    "Enter in the boxes below your AT Account Name and Password and press Login. *These are not your Data or Trading service username or password.* Press Help if you have a problem logging into your account."

    Do I have to call my broker for my AT Account?
  2. diablik


    Hi, do you still have the problem? I get the same error too. And it is Tuesday.
  3. Nah... No problems. Just don't close down your platform once you get it online in the morning.

    Sometimes they do "during" market hours updates which have re-login glitches which is quite hilarious. Everyone who is sane only does updates off trading hours...

    They are a lot more reliable than most others though... TDA platforms have had bad data for weeks on me before...
  4. nela18


    Did you have any problem with TransAct Futures on 06/01/2012? I would really appreciate an answer.
  5. nela18


    Did anybody had problem on 06/01/2012 with Transact Futures software.
  6. I don't remember. :/