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  1. anyone knows what are the commissions and platform options like at infinity futures? cant find on the website.
  2. RobertG


    1) Most people don't publish commissions (they work on the idiot system...they "feel" you once you call)
    2) Those publish them, don't mention it does not include platform, commissions,etc

    Here are some of the ions who do publish them: (all in rates for Ninja+Rithmic) (platforms cost not included) (exchange fees not included as all driven by Zen, expansive IMHO)


  3. hitnrun


    with most futures firms rates are negotiable. brokers are always trying to put their hand in your pocket. velocity futures & few others mentioned here are for traders who do not need a broker for assistance. self directed traders. why pay more.
  4. RobertG


    That is not true. The exchange and the technology companies make all the money. Brokers make the least.