Infinity Futures TransAct Futures Repetitive Problems?

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    J Boca

    I discovered this site a few weeks ago when I got a call to do some google searches. I have done a lot of research since then, and before I share my experience and findings, I wanted to pose a general inquiry:

    Has anyone experienced repetitive problems with the Infinity and TransAct order platforms from June 2012 to now? I am not referring to one time issues that are beyond the control of the Broker, such as a Server, Router failure or power surge. I am asking about issues that are brought to their attention, but continue sometimes for days or weeks on end.

    Such as:

    Issues with Trade Execution, "Flatten" Button Issues, Market orders, Temporary Platform freeze up, Multiple Server Logoffs, Margin
    Issues, Platform PnL issues, Platform unavailable at Sunday Globex open for CME currencies for 5-6 Sundays in a row last summer, with the first outage over an hour, etc, etc.?

    Before I share my experience, I wanted to see if others experienced similar problems, what you were told when you experienced those problems, etc. If you had a trade problem, what were you told and how was it handled?

    Also, when they did disclose a system outage, if you asked for a quote or to enter, modify or cancel an order, what were you told?
    Was there an ability for them to use a redundant backup system?

    I do not have an issue with the Infinity Day Desk Brokers in general as compared to some TransAct Desk Brokers. My issue is with Infinity/TransAct management and how they respond to problems and complaints.

    I am using multiple quad-core I5 and I7 PC's with a minimum of 8GB of RAM and do daily cleanups, defrags, and test out at 20-25 MB/s to Chicago.

    Thanks for your attention.
    I look forward to hearing some feedback of your experiences.

    If you want to reply privately, I can be reached at