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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by Ares, Oct 13, 2009.

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  2. Hi Ares

    Typically we see Infinity AT and ZenFire "neck and neck" during normal market conditions, but during fast markets like right after a report, Infinity AT pulls ahead.

    Not sure why your AT is lagging, check your Market Limiter setting or maybe reinstall the software. Could also be a conflict on your computer between AT vs Zen, if possible put one on each computer and compare. Please call your broker to have the issue diagnosed.


    Craig Ross
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    Since he has posted this on several different threads I don't believe he is looking for an honest solution to his perceived problem. Most likely he's pushing another platform or he's a failed trader looking to place blame.
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    Hi Craig,

    The Market Limiter setting was causing part of the issue (slow data), but the DOM still you can see

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  5. Hi Ares

    Glad to hear we got on of the issues taken care of, as for the "freezing" what time do you see it at? 0:57? Do you you still see it freeze when you are just running AT and not Ninja at the same time? Do me a favor and run them both side-by-side tomorrow during the 7:30a CST unemployment report and record a video.


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    The DOM freeze ONLY after the opening bell and during the entire regular session
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    I mean in that video you posted, what time do you see it freeze?

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    Strange question...

    I think you have to watch the video directly on youtube here

    Change the size of the player and please pay more attention

    It freezes many and many times
  9. Ok, I can see it better now, thanks. Now does it do that when you do not have Ninja running, also? Will you please do a side-by-side video tomorrow at 7:29-7:31 CST?
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