Infinity AT/Sierra Charts Assistance needed

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by IanMacQuaide, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. so I download the latest version of Sierra Charts, then I get a Microsoft Silverlight update, and now I can't get into my charts OR my trading platform. I have some trading methods I'd like to review, and I'd rather not wait till Monday.
    Anyone familiar with this problem?
    (I'm no computer whiz.)
  2. Kirkx


    1) SierraChart has active support forums available here 24/7:

    2) Do you really need Silverlight?
    As a general rule you should avoid downloading useless crap from Microsoft on your trading machine. It will save you lots of headaches.

    For instance when doing monthly Windows updates run them through Internet Explorer, select Custom mode, and then only select "security" updates and updates for the applications that you actually use (Excel, Word, etc).
  3. Apparently is really is on their end. Thanks for reminding me about SierraCharts help forum.