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  1. In this business, you make billions, or you go broke. There is no in-between.
  2. Bold statement. Make your case.
  3. Retarded statement

  4. Ripley, Let me guess which one you are?
  5. only two billionaires on et

    Jack Hershey &
  6. I manage investments. I worry daily about raising more debt & equity capital and in allocating those capital to its best and most effective uses.
  7. sprinkles


    give the guy a break. he's just practicing for the writing GRE
  8. 2012

    Many are calling for a severe economic depression in 2012. Some are even calling it the end of the world itself.

    A pullback from these levels is imminent. But, it would not be all that surprising as the only way to stabilize our economy is to print more of ever depreciating dollars. The only way to go forward is to keep a lot of cash and wait for clear opportunities to materialize.
  9. There are a few more:

    Jack Hershey
    Prof Logic

    I'm sure I'm forgetting a couple.

    Some dude used to PM me a few years back and kept trying to teach me how to trade if I paid him a few thousand dollars. I forgot who it was cuz I deleted the PMs.
  10. No one will understand me.
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