Infinite Alpha XIII

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  1. In the 13th year of the battle, I'm beaten and broke, I've failed and I have failed big. Yet, I still stand to battle on. The course has never been clearer and the much vaunted victory ever the more in sight.
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    Stay tuned for another episode of "Ripley's Believe It Or Not"
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  4. I like the name of this thread--- mind if i "appropriate" it for another cause? :D
  5. Only if you understand what it means.
  6. So the bond offering is on hold?!
  7. Fixed income securities offerings will soon be joining our current equity offerings. Now, both the speculative and the risk averse investors can invest with us with the peace of mind that they deserve.
  8. Equity offerings?

    Dude, c'mon. The coupons on your fantasy bonds are paid out of earnings from your fantasy fund. They're entangled. If you had a high school understanding of capital structure you would know this.

    You're so f*cking mindless that I'd be shocked if you're not sending this from a local library or your trailer.
  9. You are confusing internal capital structure with external capital structure. And you don't have very many data points to go on and thus it is an understandable fact that you are limited in your ability to ascertain the dynamics of my investment management business and our related securities offerings.
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