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  1. Are there any decent retail brokers with order pricing somewhere in between IB and say Scott/Ameritrade? (I can't use IB any more and I was hoping to find someone with lower commissions than Scott and Ameritrade.
  2. Tradestation is .0012 cents per share up to 2500, then .005 cents for 2501+ shares in the same trade - this does include all ECN fees -

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    .012 maybe......
  4. Tradestation has nice charting too... its a reasonable choice all round...
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    -Wrong info-
    It's actually 1.2 cents per share up to 1500, then .75 cents for 1501+

  6. Tony you are right I'm wrong......

    Thanks for correction!

  7. Just my .02 worth -

    major slippage, not direct access, very poor streaming quotes (java based crap) but their clearing and customer service is great. Every time I've ever called them I get a knowledgeable rep within a few rings - no getting put on hold -

    a good broker for swing trades or buy n hold but definitely not for daytrading

    I keep our IRA's there (no fees and no inactivity fee)

  8. Thanks for the info on Scotrade. I am debating between them, Ameritrade and Brown & Co. (I don't think I can afford the other.) I'm a swing trader so that's good to know.
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    just simply curious

    - why can't you use IB anymore? ? ? I was thinking about

    switching to them.
  10. My work uses a proxy server and TWS will not work with it nor do they have any work-around. I'm already signing up with Brown. My brother-in-law has had good luck with them and they're only $5/trade which beats both Ameritrade and Scotrade.
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