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    I have been searching for a site like Elite Trader where it is possible to learn so much about stock trading. I have learnt some hard lessons over the past year of "inexperienced" trading and am glad to find such a place for good education!
    Recently, I discovered Stock Analyser Plus software by Stockaplus (see link below) which at a cost of $15 (with 30 day free trial!) cannot be compared to the higher price "all singing and dancing" programmes but provides the user with many customisable features. Charting strategies can be created by the user to produce bull/bear trends and buy/sell signals and watchlists are easy to create by scanning symbols in from websites. All links are fully customisable by saving the URL to the actual pages required. Comes set up for NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ with a choice of real time or delayed quotes. I have customised my version to suit the UK markets and I believe that the author is working on a UK configured version.
    Support has been excellent with extremely prompt email replies.
    There is also a buy/recommend incentive and details are posted on this link:

    Happy testing
  2. What an elegant way to advertise your site.