Inexpensive PCI Dual Monitor Card?

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  1. Guys & Gals - looking for an inexpensive dual monitor card.

    This is not for a trading application - Our Marketing Department is looking to upgrade to dual 17" monitors. Must be a PCI (not PCI-e) interface and hoping to find something in the $50-$75 range rather than $100+. Max resolution only 1280x1024 and only needs to be analog out - DVI would be converted down to VGA.

    I understand that you get what you pay for - we're talking a SIMPLE dual monitor setup with 2x17" monitors for a non-trading (not mission critical stuff) desktop. Since the desktops have an integrated video controller we are considering single-output cards. Any reason why we should not do this? Also - is there a difference in chipset manufacturers (ATI vs. NVIDIA)?

    Thx for your input!

    EDIT: We DO NOT want to have to install the complete graphics software on to the PC. Looking for a video card that can be used by installing drivers only and letting Windows manage the desktop display properties. There are many cards in the sub $50 range... are any of these any good?
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    I have used a few Matrox G450 AGP 32 MB dual monitor cards and am very satisfied. I don't know if they are still available new, but there are many on Ebay for low prices. I believe this card will do what you want.
  3. Is that a PCI interface? It looks different to me but tough to tell on my Blackberry viewing ebay items - if this is PCI I'll buy one and give it a shot.
  4. No, not PCI...

    You can look for an Nvidia Quadro NVS 280 PCI on eBay.

    Can't tell you in advance whether you'll be able to use it with your onboard video chip nor whether you'll have to install the 280s driver... the onboard video chip complicates things. (One possibility is to disable the onboard video chip in the BIOS and just use a dualhead PCI card.)

    For a single head video card, look for an ATI Xpert128 (VGA)... it's quite tolerant about working with other cards.. though again, can't tell for sure with onboard video chip.
  5. ATI v Nvidia. I've been buying Nvidia card since early Geforce MX. So Nvidia has been my choice, because of their all in one package driver they let you download that includes all drivers.

    I always had a 5000 series PCI card. Starting a few months ago(summer 2008), they took 5000 series Geforce out of their latest driver package. I had to either upgrade my PCI card (which I did), or stick with an older driver.

    I was disappointed with their move.
  6. I have 3 machines with the 5000 pci cards. I have always had good luck with them too.

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    I guess it is not PCI but there are PCI versions. Just do a search for Matrox G450 PCI on Ebay and don't waste money on those other cards everyone thinks you must have. There is a 32MB DDR one for 19.99.
  8. Thanks! I just bought four of them from one seller - this is perfect AND it uses the same drivers as the G450 quad cards we already use... so no new drivers, plug & play, etc.... only problem will be that the IT guys won't be happy with used parts but for $20/each how can you argue with that?
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