Inexpensive iPhone 5 screen repair?

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  1. I dropped my iPhone 5, shattering the screen, its still useable inside a lifeproof case, but I want to get it fixed. Being qouted ridiculous numbers in the $200 range--- surely there is a cheaper way to do it, at $200, I'll replace the phone. Any advice? surf
  2. edit: there is a lot more to the 5 apparently. Just called a local shop and they wanted $299 to fix it.

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  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    Id pay 299 for the screen long before i attempted to do what is shown on your video.
  4. Me too I did mine on the 3G a few years ago and it was nothing like this.
  5. The price is kept artificially high by crapple controlling the availability of parts.

    This is one reason I never buy their overpriced junk

    See an aapl owner, see someone that doesn't respect their money.
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    Buy HTC. It is robust and does the job.
  7. I don't know how you define robust but my iphone does the job too and is easy to use and zero learning curve when upgrading phones or problems transferring info and programs. Kinda expensive if you buy the latest model but I always buy one back technology which is a lot cheaper and for me works.
  8. negative ruling on the crapple today. sell.
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    add another line, pick iPhone4s then switch numbers.
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