inexpensive, cool trading desks

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by hank rollins, May 28, 2005.

  1. if anyone has seen my trading desk, it suck real bad. looking to upgrade to something better, preferably glass and big enough to hold 8 plus monitors. any suggestions?


  2. Hank do you have an IKEA near you, they make fantastic desks that are totally customizable and cheap.

    Look under workspaces they have lots of add ons so that you can make they any size and any shapes you like.
  3. I would love to find a trading set up/stand/desk that I could use multiple monitors on and trade while standing up with keyboard and mouse access....
  4. design your own trading desk at

    Can specify length and finish. Expensive, but I think there are some cool and multi-functional desk ideas
  5. I agree with Samson. I have the "Jerker" desk and apart from the name it is awesome.

    Here's some people's Ikea desks, just to give you an idea of the options.

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    Solid core hardwood doors make great desk tops, although a bit heavy to move around if that's an issue. You can finish them anyway you like to look really nice, and they have plenty of room for monitors, keyboard, mouse, etc. Then you can easily build supports to place under them or get inexpensive drawers, etc.
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  8. Get a 6 foot utility table from staples,etc. About $35. I have three big 19 inch CRT's on mine. I did put an additional support under the middle, but I doubt it was necessary.
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