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  1. The firm i am trading with has consolidated the level 2 book to only show NSDQ, which is a route to all Nasdaq destinations. Does this mean that you can no longer route to INET? I cant seem to find clarification as to if this is just a firm implemented thing or if the INET route no longer exists on its own. Would appreciate any clarification.
  2. As I understand it, after the Nasdaq/Island/Brut consolidation took place, it is now one book. There is no need to route to INET specifically. All goes to the same place. I assume your firm still lets you send orders to ARCA, BATS, EDGA, EDGX, BTRD?
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    Yes indeed. All of Nasdaq is using the INET technology. So there is no need to distinguish...
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    This matches my understanding too, though I am confused by the mixture in the discussion between consolidating the Level II book under NSDQ vs. routing destinations. You do know that when an order routes out of Nasdaq to another destination, it may appear under the NSDQ MPID (at least that's a feature the Nasdaq platform provides should you use it). I doubt any quote source is rewriting ("consolidating") MPIDs in relaying the Level II book?
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    At IB, how to route to nasdaq single book directly?I cant find an option there. I guess IB must be using the option 'island' to represent the nasdaq book
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    YES, it's as you suspect @ IB, Island = nasdaq.
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