IndyMac- Have you ever seen an analyst set price target 0???

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    who is he? has he been recommending this co. as a sell on the way down with price objectives etc.?
    does it sound gimmicky to you?
    why the late call?

    thx for posting.
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  3. Well I was waiting for a time to start scaling into this for a bounce... I think the time is now... there's gotta be at least one rumor that they found financing, or that they will stay in business, to give it one last little short squeeze before it dies. Perhaps I'm wrong, it's very likely I am, and it will soon trade on the pink sheets, but fuck it, the risk is worth it here to go long.
  4. This was a great call! :D
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    Wow, an honest, ballsy, and accurate analyst. Who'd have thunk it? Nice call, shame I couldn't get a locate.
  6. Well it looks like my long at $.29 isn't so hot HUH...

    one lesson every trader or investor or person who wants to involve himself with financial markets period should learn is that nothing HAS to bounce. Anyone who played for a bounce in single digits got fucked... there was NO bounce, maybe a little above $5 but everyone buying on the way down got fucked, including me... at least my maximum risk is $290. I justify the risk by promising to myself that I will hold at least half of my position for 5 years if the stock doesn't go to 0.
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    Investors lose it all. What about this guy who ran the bank into the ground.

    Michael W Perry
    Total Compensation (2006)

    $15.92 mil (#84)

    5-Year Compensation Total
    $42.23 mil

    Michael W Perry has been CEO of IndyMac Bancorp (NDE) for 13 years. Mr. Perry has been with the company for 13 years .The 43 year old executive ranks 4 within Banking
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    He exercised his trader's option. Heads he makes millions in compensation during a bull market. Tails the bank goes bust and he uses limited liability to escape consequences. Nice work if you can get it, and don't mind being bottom-feeding scum.
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