Industries Uncorrelated to Economy

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Corso482, Jul 24, 2003.

  1. So I was thinking...

    Certain industries are very dependent on the economy, i.e. they do well in very good economies (private jets), do badly in down economies (brokerages), or even do well in bad economies (bankruptcy lawyers).

    I've thought of a couple of industries that are mostly uncorrelated to the economy such as health (doctors incomes don't vary during different economies) or even low-cost hair cuts (people pretty much go to Superclips no matter what).

    So....what are some other industries or jobs uncorrelated to the economy?
  2. i'm no expert on sectors...tho i wish i was :(

    but i'd think that fast food would be one...although remember that everything can get dragged down or at least sideways in a bear market...especially following a huge bull run.

    defense contractors seem more politically tied than anything that would be pretty uncorrelated to the economy.
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    Derivatives exchanges :)
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    my favorite vegetable!:)